1James Page267.147
2Shaun Bates244.335
3Timothy Lind242.357
4Daniel Maguire226.105
5Matthew Britton210.303
6Fraser Baker190.954
7Ron Golds188.574
8James McPherson187.427
9Bo Paterson152.035
10Byron Arnold143.313
11Andrew Long135.422
12Nicholas Jebson128.116
13Daniel Street101.252
14Julien Lestat100.001
15Adam Pinfold95.832
16Angus Yeates90.002
17Ben Ricketts85.711
18John Callaway81.942
19Jared Pinfold80.562
20Finn Decker76.191
21Geoff Edmonds75.001
22Carl Templeton74.552
23Shaun Tubman73.331
23Aiden Nicol73.332
25Brett Le Fleming68.102
26David Humphries67.622
27Marlin Fisher66.824
28Aaron Morris60.001
29Campbell Orchard 57.143
30James Orton56.485
31Alistair Allan53.031
32Joel Taylor52.381
33Matt Watkinson47.621
34Hayden Holmes46.671
35Joshua Jorgensen45.451
36James McGregor43.751
37Brendan Dee37.881
38Amy Bellringer33.332
39Rob Shirley30.301
40James Cox30.001
40Kerry Morris30.001
42Alex Cox28.571
43Kennith Tasi26.671
44Rex Foote23.813
45Campbell Orchard22.733
46William McCartney22.221
47Tom Lay19.051
48Tristan Sample15.422
49Luke Henning15.151
50Austin Ronald13.331
51Rob Oliphant11.111
52Craig Tunnell4.761

Raw Data Souce

Events Included
  • NICON 2016 (SCGT) – June 4th-5th
  • Call to Arms 2016 (Battlehost) – August 6th
  • GuardCon 2016 (Battlehost) – September 24th
  • GuardCon 2016 (Vanguard) – September 25th
  • Inepticon 2016 (Vanguard) – October 22nd
  • Inepticon 2016 (Battlehost) – October 23rd
  • Battle for Skull Keep (Vanguard) – October 29th
  • Wellington Warhost 2016 (Warhost) – November 12th-13th
  • ValleyCon 2017 (Battlehost) – January 28th-29th
  • Over The Top 2017 (Battlehost) – February 11th-12th
  • Sigmar on Sunday 1 (Battlehost) – February 26th
  • Equinox 2017 (Battlehost) – March 18th-19th
  • NATCON 2017 (Vanguard) – April 7th
  • NATCON 2017 (Battlehost) – April 8th-9th
NZ Masters Tournament

View this page for more information.

How The Scoring Works

Rankings are calculated on each player’s top three event scores.

Event scores are based on the maximum score available for an event of its size. Placing 1st at an event with 16 or more players will score the maximum 100 points. Placing 1st at an event with the minimum of four players will score 60 points. Players score proportionally less points the further from 1st Place they finish.

Tournament organisers – contact us to submit results for your event. Please get in touch well in advance so that we can add you to the Event Calendar.

To contribute to the rankings, events must use the current General’s Handbook pitched battle profiles. Variations in scenarios and battlefield roles are acceptable. The event must be open (not invitation only), and have been publicised in some way. Please get in touch if you are unsure.

Unofficial Wargaming News and Rankings

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