The Goal

Encourage players to attend local events. Whether your interest is in narrative, competitive, or hobby aspects of Warhammer, you will be welcomed with open arms at any event in the country.

The annual event calendar will culminate in a Masters Tournament.

The Masters Tournament

The New Zealand Wargaming Masters Tournament is an annual event hosted by a different club around the country in December each year. It recognises the top-scoring players from each game system.

Starting in 2017, the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Masters will launch in Wellington.

Entry is open to anyone who has attended at least three tournaments over the year. Players are asked to bring a fully painted army.

Pairings will be seeded according to player’s overall ranking as of 30th November.

The Ethos

Masters 2017 is an open event, rather than invitational, to remove any perceived pressure on players to consistently perform, or optimise their army lists. At the same time, a consistently high level of permanence over the year will be rewarded.  We encourage the AOS ethos of ‘bring what you want, play how you want’.

What is best in life?

Enjoying your hobby. The open Masters requirements is our small way to keep gaming events relaxed and social, but still competitive.

Unofficial Wargaming News and Rankings

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