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Inepticon 2017 Results

What a Weekend. Huge upsets in the final round saw Shaun Tubman take the top spot AND best opponent; with Lee Wilmot and Matt Britton in second and third. Marcel Fisher’s Ironjawz were quite unanimously voted best painted. A cracking weekend was had by all and can’t wait to see what happens at Sigmar@Warlords later in the month.

Congratulations to all involved, and thanks Nic for running it! Rankings have now been updated for the following results:

  1. Shaun T
  2. Lee W
  3. Matthew B
  4. James M
  5. Matt B
  6. Aiden N
  7. Shaun B
  8. Scott B
  9. Marcel F
  10. Will M
  11. Kyle D
  12. Nicholas J
  13. Rex F
  14. Seth Mayer

Painting Award: Marcel F

Sportsmanship Award: Shaun T


Website Launch!

Welcome to the New Zealand events, news and rankings website for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar!

Please bear with us while we make final configurations to this early version. The team will continue to spruce things up as we go.

Initial features include:

  • Event list
  • Rankings database
  • Photo Gallery

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for us, and if you have any events or results you would like to submit.