The Goal

Encourage players to attend local events, and provide a focus point for our Matched Play event scene.

The annual event calendar will culminate in a Masters Tournament.

Timing Transition

We are in the process of moving the Masters tournament from December to around mid year. Due to a range of factors, we are doing this over two years, which means two slightly shorter tournament seaons. It’s messy, but unfortunately necessary unless we have an extra long rankings season, which the community has decided against.

  • 2020 – Due to COVID-19, the season is being extended until the following year, and there will be no 2020 Masters.
  • 2021 – Rankings taken from between 1/11/19 and 22/03/21. Masters in May(Auckland).

After this we will be finally at the intended regular schedule, below.

The Masters Tournament

The New Zealand Wargaming Masters Tournament is an annual event hosted by a different club around the country in September each year. It recognises the top-scoring players in Age of Sigmar.

The upcoming Masters will be held in:

  • Auckland 2021
  • Wellington 2022
  • Hamilton 2023

Rankings will be locked as of March 31st each year. Events taking place after this will count towards the following year.

Players in the top 19 on the rankings as of March 31st  will be invited to the Masters.

If invitation is declined, the next highest rank will receive an invitation, down to rank 30, after which no further invitations will be sent. Players have two weeks to accept.

An invitation will also be extended for the previous year’s Masters winner.

The Standardised Players Pack

A pack template will be provided to the TO by the Masters Committee. This will be available to view on this website later in the year. To get an idea of what constitutes the ‘standard’,  see below:

There are expectations with regards to the participation and administration of the event, relgardless of where it is held in the country. While TOs are ultimately responsible for organising the event in their region, we ask that the following features are included in the Player’s Pack:

  • 2,000 point limit.
  • The first round draw will be randomised (no grudge matches) and successive rounds must be paired using Swiss pairings. Please use Tournament TO or appropriate alternative.
  • Players from no lower than 30 on the rankings may be invited in the event players in the first 20 cannot attend. In this situation, the number of attendees is reduced.
  • No Realm Realms of War.
  • No ‘soft scores’. As the pinnacle of the wargaming calendar, it is expected that all players are exhibiting exemplary sportsmanship and have ‘fully painted armies’. Any additional reinforcement to these expectations are up to the TO. However, sports and painting scores should not be a determinant in the final standings.
  • Battleplans should be announced prior to the event in the players’ pack. Care should be taken to ensure battleplans chosen to not favour certain army types over others.  Examples will be provided.
The Masters Committee

The current Masters Committee is:

Auckland: Jesse Lee
Waikato/Tauranga: Daniel Fox
Manawatū: Jesse Kearns
Hutt Valley: Rohan Clark-Myers
Wellington: Shaun Bates
Christchurch: Robbie Brown

This reflects regions that regularly host Matched Play tournaments. This list can expand if other regions begin hosting events.

The committee will make decisions on rankings and the Masters event. If you would like to have input, contact your local representative or email

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